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Hello Richard,

I’v stared the javascript roadmap (go into week 3),but i have a question. is in the javascript roadmap we will be also learn dealing with cross browser compatibility and cross security issues ?


Yes, you will learn about cross-browser issues during the course. Good luck.

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Hi Richard,

Is there any particular reason you’ve skipped chapter 13: events, in professional Js for web developers?

Samuel, No we didn’t skip chapter 13, it is under “Weeks 5 and 6.”

Apologies, just thought it was easier to digest before going into chapter 14. Nonetheless your roadmap has been a big help! I Thank you

Been looking for a proper guideline like these among the sea of resources about javascript for some time…thank you a lot Richard for all your efforts.. I promise to be a top class javascript developer one day, thanks again Sir..

I am glad to hear, Raj, and I am sure you will be a great JS developer.

What’s up everyone, it’s my first visit at this website, and piece of writing is in fact fruitful designed for me, keep up posting these articles or reviews.

Hello, My version of the JS Quiz is here:

(Note this uses jQuery for DOM traversal elements.)

On jsFiddle here:

(code / editor: )

Many thanks to Richard for putting together this superb course and guide. You rock.

Congratulations, Wanwu. Very good work there on the quiz. Now, keep learning and keep coding and go build amazing stuff!

Hi all,

Finished quiz up to week 7. Maybe useful for someone else.

Here it is on github:

– Add a “Back” button – Shows history of answers to questions — Use jQuery to add fade animation animation (fade out the current question and fade in the next question). — Store the quiz questions in an external JSON file. — Add user authentication: allow users log in, and save their login credentials to local storage (HTML5 browser storage). — Use cookies to remember the user, and show a “Welcome, First Name” message when the user returns to the quiz.


Excellent work, Paul. You code like a pro already. You went with the whole kitche sink on your quiz

I like that the user can go back and change her answers and that you added cookie.

Hi Richard, i’m on the course, and I learned to “like” the Flanagan book which I first found totally unsuitable to learning because of being quite complicated. Fact is, this book is thorough and can’t see how to master the language without this book. Examples are often unnecessarily inexpressive and complicated though.

Anyway there is a LOT to learn: ECMAscript, client side DOM and BOM, Nodejs, framework, templating, testing… What confuses me is what should I do for DOM manipulation. IF I learn jquery, is it necessary to go trough the dom-bom manipulation chapters of the Flanagan book about standard JS manipulations ? And is it viable to not learn jquery at all if one uses a framework like AngularJS ? I would appreciate a bit more of guidance about the DOM/BOM/JQUERY/Framework antagonisms.

Thanks, Benj

Good question..

I had a similar question.

Vanilla JS vs. jQuery…. Seems like:

– for DOM traversal – browser compatibility – general UI

jQuery and other frameworks offer substantial benefits?

I had a long question on it but I can’t seem to post it here – am getting a ‘firewall blocked’ message?

Regards Paul

… Some more from my probably too long question/comment! [ I guess that’s why I can’t get it to post ]:

– I’ve read that for cross-browser compatibility, and simplicity, the jQuery DOM API makes a lot of sense over vanilla Javascript unless you are a highly proficent in Javascript. – I realise that there is a performance hit – download times as well as memory usage and performance for using any library, including jQuery – Still, I don’t think my vanilla Javscript skills would be able to compete with jQuery at this time! – Would it be sensible to at this point use jQuery for DOM manipulation and events? – Any thing else you would suggest I defer to libraries at this point? – How about backbone, angular and node.js – given I want to gain these skills would I really struggle if I didn’t go into the advanced Javascript stuff?

Paul, I fixed the issue where you couldn’t create a new blog post. Could you copy and paste your content and create a new blog post? This will make it easier clearer.

Indeed, jQuery makes it easy for the front-end developer to traverse the DOM and develop sites that are compatible with all browsers. You are correct, so using jQuery is recommended for production applications.

Note that jQuery is actually built with Vanilla JavaScript, so everything that you can do with jQuery, you can do with Vanilla JavaScript, but it is just a lot more work.

The ORIGINAL question was about AngularJS n ot Vanilla..

That reply was to Paul, sorry. I just replied to your post.

Good questions indeed.

There is no antagonism for any of the frameworks and DOM and BOM, though.

As a front-end developer, you will likely use a ton of jQuery in your career, so it makes sense to definitely learn jQuery thoroughly. Whichever source you find to be the best for learning jQuery, use that.

Now, even though you may know jQuery very well, it will still be useful (though not necessary) for you to read the DOM and BOM chapters. So, read the DOM and BOM chapters, if you can, to get a fundamental understanding of the stuff works and then learn jQuery.

As for Angular.js, I will be writing about this and all the other JS frameworks on For now, you still want to know jQuery, which is probably the easiest thing to learn with the most utility in all of web development.

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